Reapersabi - Special Edition

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This special edition bottle of Reapersabi is wax-dipped and individually numbered 1 to 9.

A potent blend of Carolina Reapers and Wasabi that would scare the bravest samurai. 

Crisp and flavourful upfront with hints of ginger followed by a tsunami of inescapable heat that builds relentlessly to maraud your taste buds. You may be reaching for the milk after this one. Kiai!!!

At Vice Chilli, we keep things simple and rate all our sauces out of 10. A 10/10 is extreme! Check out the levels on the Vice Chilli heat scale.

Vinegar, Carolina Reaper chillies, lemon, carrot, sugar, wasabi powder (wasabi powder, mustard powder, cornstarch, citric acid, vitamin C, Food Blue 1 and Yellow 4), salt, garlic, spices.

Available in 125ml