Our spicy line-up

The Vice Chilli Heat Scale

To keep things simple we rate all our sauces out of 10. We don't do 12/10 or 15/10 because that just doesn't add up.

If we rate it 5/10, its going to be hot. A 8/10 is going to be one of our hottest, bringing some next level endorphin-inducing heat. And 10/10 is going to be extreme.

Occasionally we will release a 10+ collectors edition. These rare sauces are probably better used for dispersing riots than for eating. You have been warned!


We use super hots in many of our sauces.

We love their wicked looks, unique flavours and the way their crazy heat can sneak up on you or punch you squarely in the face.

It hurts, but we love it!