Big Riot Choc

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A 30-day ferment made with Big Riot Choc chillies and other fiery choc varieties including 7 Pot Barrackpores and Bhutlahs. Garam masala adds layers of aromatic and earthy flavours. This is a go BIG or go home sauce bursting with flavour, heat and character.

The Vice Chilli Test Kitchen (VCTC) range uses rare and unusual ingredients and all batches are limited releases.

At Vice Chilli we keep things simple and rate all our sauces out of 10. A 9/10 is EXTREMELY HOT. Don’t be fooled by the modest rating. Check out the levels on the Vice Chilli heat scale.

Ingredients: Big Riot Choc chillies, mixed choc super hot chillies, vinegar, brine, roasted garlic, soy sauce (soybeans, wheat, salt, water), onion, lemon juice, super hot choc chilli powder, garam masala, orange zest, sugar, salt.

Available in 125ml