Death by Choc

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Death by Choc is an extreme chilli powder made from dried super hot Choc Chillies (Choc Skunk, Big Choc Riot, Naga Brain Choc, Barrackpore Choc) and 15 Million SHU Capsaicin Crystal. A dangerously hot, yet wonderfully aromatic choc chilli powder, with naturally derived Capsaicin crystals that take it to another level!

Extremely limited. Vials are individually numbered and hand-dipped in purple resin. 

Handle with care and use sparingly. A little goes a long way!

Warning: The product is extremely hot. To be used as a food additive only. Don't be a fool. Don't prank your friends. Do keep away from your eyes and skin. Not suitable for children. Use at your own risk.


Heat level 10+

Super hot choc chillies and 15 million SHU capsaicin crystal